Commissioning and Start Up, Electrical (Medium and Low Voltage), Instrumentation and Mechanical

Enbridge Main Line Enhancement Line 61 (MLE L61), Southern Access Expansion Line 63 (SAX L63), Mainline Enhancement Line 67 Phase 2(MLE 67 Ph.2)

Project Particulars

Commissioning and Start up of Pump Stations, mainline valves and Terminals. Scope of work include accepting construction turn over, verifying construction installation against engineering designs and industry codes and standards. Energizing equipment, coordinating with stake holders on schedules and dates. Turn over of facilities to stake holders with all completed QA/QC documents

Systems include Sub-stations, Electrical Buildings, 4160VAC Electrical Switchgear Buildings, 4160 VFD buildings, Pump Pads, Instrument Shelter buildings, Presure relief systems (Danflo).

VERSYS Unique Approach

Versys implemented and created construction- commissioning turn over procedures which allowed for efficient and safe turn over process. Directly involved with onsite meetings, coordination and scheduling.

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